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Potassium Nitrate

Nitrate of potash

With 70% of the world's potassium nitrate is used in agriculture, and Israel and the United States produce the largest amount, which accounting for about three quarters of the world's total, and Chile ranks third. In 1995, the world's total capacity of potassium nitrate was about 900,000 tons per year, of which 75% was produced by direct method. China's current production capacity of potassium nitrate was about 60,000 tons per year, and the capacity under construction was also 60,000 tons per year, of which about 80% was used in industrial sectors.



Potassium nitrate is the nitrate of potassium, and its empirical formula is KNO ?.The appearance of the  potassium nitrate is tasteless   transparent or white powder, and the specific gravity (water =1) is 2.11.The solubility in water is 13 g/100mL. (The higher the temperature, the higher the solubility. Among the chemicals, the change of the solubility of potassium nitrate is quite obvious.)The deliquescence of potassium nitrate is lower than sodium nitrate, and it has cooling and stimulating salt taste.  Potassium nitrate can soluble in water, and slightly soluble in ethanol.


Potassium nitrate can be used as an analytical reagent and oxidant, and it can be also used in the synthesis of potassium salt and preparation of explosives. It is the raw material for making black powder, such as mine powder, ignition wire, firecracker, etc, also used in fireworks to produce purple sparks. It is used as a salt bath for quenching of mechanical heat treatment. It is also used for making cigarette paper, fireworks, matches, ceramic glaze, compound fertilizer  for crops and flowers, etc.


1. In the food industry, it can be used as hair colorant, conditioner, anti-microbial agent, preservative. For example, used in cured meats as preservative in luncheon meats.

2. In the ceramic industry, it is used for making porcelain glaze drugs glass case of automobile lamp and glass case of optical glass picture tube and used as glass clarifier. The industrial potassium nitrate is also widely used in the production process of tempered glass.

3. In the pharmaceutical industry, it is used to produce penicillin potassium salt and rifampicin.
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