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The Future and Obstacles of Magnesium Oxide Industry

2019-07-31 14:45:15  admin  180

The Future and Obstacles of Magnesium Oxide Industry


The future of magnesium oxide industry. 

In the time of internet+, what it can bring to magnesium oxide industry ?

1. the newest model of manufacturer. Under the guidance of national supply and reform, we can through the Internet to realize custom-mademagnesium oxide specifications, to reduce the inventory of the enterprise, at the same time to meet consumer demand effectively. 

2. The newest marketing mode. On the one hand, through online connection, and more targeted entire network marketing to set up the enterprise brand. On the other hand, through word of mouth marketing, fans and other low-cost marketing activities for the enterprise to bring more customers. 

3. Bring the newest sales model. Through F2C network direct selling and O2O experiential consumption, to reduce the cost of magnesium oxide sales links, and improve the competitiveness of the traditional enterprise products.


The obstacles of magnesium oxide industry. 

The cost of the magnesium oxide industry are mainly concentrated in three aspects. One is the cost of raw materials, with the shortage of global resources and the increased significantly raw materials prices, it is necessary for magnesium oxide to increase the cost. The second is the employee’s labor costs. With the human costs of the whole society, the production costs of magnesium oxide industry have also increased, due to the rely on ordinary stuff and talents. The third is the marketing cost. Traditional marketing is given priority to dealers and markets, multistage distribution and venue rental costs rise, become the burden of magnesium oxide development.

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